3 Lingering Side Effects of Sunburn

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Read on to learn about some of the potential long-term effects of that unfortunate staple of summer, the sunburn.

Summer is the ideal time to play outside and enjoy nature and all it offers, especially if your home has a swimming pool that is all yours to enjoy.  Owning a pool also means doing all of the maintenance that a pool requires. For example, you must handle the upkeep of the landscaping around it. Unfortunately, doing anything in the sun sets you up for the possibility of a nasty sunburn. How do you know you got scorched? Well, it’s when part of your skin becomes red, warm, or hot to touch and painful in response to too much UV light exposure. Read on to learn about some of the potential long-term effects of that unfortunate hazard of summer, the sunburn.

Eye Damage

We all learn growing up that we’re not supposed to look directly at the sun, but that isn’t the only way that the sun can damage your eyes. UV exposure can actually burn your eyes and your skin and cause damage to the retina. Eventually, sun damage to the eyes can cloud the eyes and lead to cataracts. So when you’re relaxing out by your pool, don’t forget your shades!

Premature Aging

Repeated sunburns can cause your skin to age more quickly than it otherwise would. This makes you look older than you actually are, which most of us would rather avoid. The damages that the repeated sunburns leave behind include weakening the skin’s actual strength and decreasing its elasticity, which can lead to deep wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and dry, rough skin.

Precancerous Lesions And Skin Cancer

Precancerous lesions on the skin are usually rough patches that can be pink, tan, brown, or whitish and appear after sun damage to your skin. These are considered precancerous because they can potentially evolve into skin cancer. Skin cancer is another potential long-term effect of sunburns. Too much time spent in the sunshine can actually increase your risk of skin cancer because exposure to the sun damages the DNA of the skin cells. This usually happens on exposed areas of the skin, but if you have a sudden growth or a changing mole on your skin, it is always wise to consult your doctor. It is also important to recognize that UV damage can happen from tanning booths and lamps as well – it doesn’t have to be the sun.

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