New Pools

New PoolAt Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders, we know that building a new pool can be a daunting task. That is why we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your dream pool becomes a reality. With over sixty years of experience, we have the expertise to answer all your questions and guide you on your new pool’s type, size, and shape.

But our service does not stop there. Once your pool is complete, we offer a comprehensive training session to help you learn how to maintain it properly. From cleaning the filters to testing the water and getting familiar with the pool’s systems, our training ensures you will be comfortable with your investment.

And if you ever need assistance, we offer complete pool service packages so you can relax and enjoy your pool without any worries. Throughout the process, we make frequent visits to ensure that the pool we build is one we are proud to put the Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders name on.

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Pool Installation Process

Our team relentlessly strives to deliver the best custom pool construction services that are second to none. Our pool-building process is designed with meticulous care to ensure that every step is executed with precision and excellence, resulting in an exceptional outcome that will leave you spellbound. Trust us to create the perfect pool for your home that will elevate your lifestyle and provide you with a source of joy and relaxation for years to come.

01. Design Plan

One of our expert design consultants will meet with you to design your dream pool.

02. Permits

Permits required to build your pool will be processed according to your county’s requirements and regulations.

03. Excavation Day

In the first stage of the construction process, a dirt hole will be dug in your backyard for your soon-to-be Sunrise Premiere Pool.

04. Steel Installation

The pool shell is reinforced and supported with steel during this phase.

05. Plumbing Installation

Our plumbing crew installs an effective plumbing network that maintains a high level of performance for years of trouble-free operation.

06. Inspection

County building and electrical inspectors inspect your property to acknowledge and approve the inspection sheet left on your premises, which must remain visible during construction.

07. Pool Shell

A construction crew brings materials to transform the steel reinforcement, plumbing maze, and dirt hole into one pool shell.

08. Tile and Coping

After the shell process is cured, the waterline tile and coping you selected for your pool are installed.

09. Gas & Electric

Once the plumbing is installed and before the pool decks are built, a gas technician installs gas for heating your pool (if applicable), and an electrician makes the connections for electricity for pool lighting and other equipment.

10. Decking

After gas and electric installation, decking is installed around your pool’s perimeter. For homeowners who want to build their deck or hire an independent contractor to build the pool deck, beneficial tips are given to help select a competent and professional decking company.

11. Plastering

Plaster is administered, and your pool is filled with water. After the plastering is finished, a Sunrise representative will arrive to start up your system. They will also give you a “pool school” at that time to ensure you are comfortable operating your new system.

12. Ready, set, splash!

With the final touch-up and start-up completed, you, your family, and friends can enjoy the full pleasures of owning a Sunrise Premiere Pool.

Ready to get started? Contact us today and get a free custom quote to begin the journey towards your dream pool today.

Ready to get started?

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