Here’s Why You Should Plan to Install Your Pool This Fall

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Getting your pool installation started in the fall gives you options to upgrade your whole yard before the summer.

The best time for any digging is in the fall because it is after the heavy summer rains and before the ground freezes at the first frost. Pools are an investment for your family and your property. Set yourself up for success by picking the best season for your pool installation: fall.

Beat the Crowds of Spring and Summer

When spring begins, there is a rush to make plans for the first sunny day. Don’t let yourself get caught in the rush to schedule a pool installation for the summer. By scheduling your pool installation for the fall, you are preparing for the first sunny day in the spring when the sun shines all day. 

Great Deals After Pool Season

As the height of pool season wanes with the summer, pool installation businesses are looking at year-end numbers. The fall is your opportunity to strike a deal on an affordable pool. The less you spend on your pool installation, the more money you will earn when you sell your home. 

The Best Season for Landscaping is The Fall

Scheduling your pool installation for the spring may seem like a great way to have it ready for birthdays and summer pool parties, but one heavy rain and your whole construction timeline will be off. Heavy summer rains flood the ground, making it impossible to dig out a cavity in your yard to install your pool. Waiting for winter may lead to the ground being frozen before the cavity is dug. Give yourself peace of mind by starting your pool installing this fall, so you are ready for summer 2022. 

Save For Your Deck 

You will save money scheduling your pool installation for the fall. Typically, the pool deck is built after the pool. With the money you saved from great planning, you will be able to begin financing your pool deck within the year. If you have the space, you will have time to plan for a hot tub as well. Getting your pool installation started in the fall gives you options to upgrade your whole yard before the summer. 

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