Ways to Extend Poolside Fun as Summer Ends

Ways to Extend Poolside Fun as Summer Ends

Your family’s poolside fun does not have to end once the seasons change. Here are a few ways to use your pool well into autumn.

With summer nearly coming to a close, many will be saying goodbye to all the poolside fun they’ve been enjoying. But, it doesn’t have to be goodbye. In fact, you can ultimately get creative and use your pool into the fall and beyond. While Labor Day is right around the corner — marking the unofficial end to summer — there are plenty of additional get-togethers people can experience as we transition into cooler weather. For pool owners, getting their pool ready for the cooler weather doesn’t mean that the pool has to be shut down for the rest of the year, there are still ways to enjoy it. Here is a handy guide to help homeowners extend the life of their pool and how much they can actually enjoy it beyond the summer months.

Practical Tips For Keeping Your Pool Open Into The Fall

More than anything getting the most out of your pool is something all pool owners will ultimately want. In fact, there is something super easy and quite economical homeowners can do to make their pool last well into the colder months — turn up the heat. With an energy-efficient heater, you can keep your pool warm but keep everyone in your family cool. Beyond warming up your pool, adding some lights for ambience can help warm the space up and allow pool times to extend into the evenings when the sun begins setting earlier than during the summer months. And homeowners can also prolong just how much time they spend in their pool by using solar. Draping a solar blanket across the surface of your pool is a great way to trap the warmth of the sun for a much more desirable temperature people can enjoy. 

Poolside Traditions In The Fall

As the weather cools, you can create new and unique traditions that can be enjoyed poolside. In fact, many homeowners find poolside tailgates to be a great way to make the most out of their pools throughout the year. Football fans can ultimately enjoy both the pre and post game party along with halftime with a savory sampling of foods and beverages by the pool. For pool owners who have a large TV set up in viewing distance of their pools, making the most out of that area in the home is a wonderful way to assemble a group of people together to enjoy each other’s company no matter the weather. 

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