3 Compelling Reasons to Switch to a Saltwater Pool

3 Compelling Reasons to Switch to a Saltwater Pool

It’s easy to assume that jumping into a saltwater pool is the same as swimming in the sea (or the ocean) when you visit the beach.

Traditional swimming pools are regularly infused with chlorine to keep them clean. Did you know that there is another popular pool alternative? Saltwater swimming pools are becoming one of the trendiest home additions around. Discerning homeowners owe it to themselves to give this pool structure a second glance. These pools are sleek, aesthetically pleasing, keep costs down, and are better for your skin as well. Come along as we learn more about them! 

The Pool’s Water is Softer 

It’s easy to assume that jumping into a saltwater pool is the same as swimming in the sea (or the ocean) when you visit the beach. That’s a common misconception, though. After all, saltwater pools have only a fraction of the salinity level that the ocean has. These pools also have their own defense mechanism to fight off bacteria and algae growth. That measure is known as electrolysis, through which the pool can generate its own chlorine without human intervention. Thus, the pool’s water is softer and gentler on your eyes and skin. All of this means that you feel like you’re splashing through rainwater instead!

Saltwater is Much Safer than Chlorine 

As we alluded to above, saltwater is much safer than its chemical counterpart. While it’s true that chlorine is practical and suitable for its purpose (keeping your water clean), the biggest drawback of this sanitizer is that it stings. It’ll irritate your eyes and burn your skin. It’s also technically a carcinogen, which means that long-term exposure increases your risk of developing cancer. So if you and your family want to play around or simply relax, meditate, or exercise in the pool, we recommend you invest in a saltwater pool instead of its conventional cousin.  

You Don’t Need to Maintain It As Often

Maintenance is a fact of life when it comes to homeownership. That principle applies to features both inside and outside your house. Luckily, saltwater pools don’t need as much maintenance as conventional swimming pools do. Do bear in mind that during the summer months, you’ll need to monitor your pool’s chlorine levels more closely. Even so, all of that time you could be spending on tedious labor can be saved and turned into making memories with your loved ones!

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