A Quick Guide to Hot Tub Plumbing Systems

Many pool owners don’t know that hot tub plumbing systems are designed differently than other plumbing systems.

Hot tub plumbing systems are unique. Many pool owners don’t know that hot tub plumbing systems are designed differently than other plumbing systems. While some elements may be similar, some key differences and nuances need to be discussed. We present to you some helpful facts to know about when it comes to understanding a hot tub plumbing system. 

The Suction Line And Skimmer

One of the integral components of hot tub plumbing involves the suction line along with the skimmer. When you’re examining hot tub plumbing, start with the suction line. after all, this line will be the first component to inspect. It absorbs the water, which is valuable knowledge for any hot tub owner. The skimmer will subsequently begin removing any debris and then send water to the pump itself.

The Pump And Filter

This leads to the importance of the pump and filter. The water collected by the suction line and the skimmer will inevitably go to the pump. Thus, the pump pushes all of the water towards the filter itself. What this means is that water will end up passing through the filter. Any tiny contaminants present in the water itself, like any dirt or dust, will be eliminated.

The Heater And Manifolds

Consequently, this newly filtered water is transferred to the heater. Once it arrives, the heater fulfills its purpose — to create a pleasant and toasty vibe, which is what a hot tub is supposed to do.  After the water is heated to the desired temperature, it will flow through the hot return line and into the manifolds. It is here that the manifolds will accept the water and divert it to several destinations from a single source — namely, the water divider. 

Your Takeaway

Whenever new issues arise, you’ll be better equipped to understand the nuances associated with your hot tub’s plumbing system. You’ll also know how to address any further dilemmas that could confuse you.  

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