Why is it Important to Prevent Sunburn?

Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders Prevent Sunburn

Every pool owner needs to be vigilant and know how to effectviely prevent sunburn for themselves and everyone who uses their pool.

Sunburn sucks—it’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, sunburn is also quite dangerous, which is why it should be taken seriously and avoided as much as possible. For pool owners, the risk is actually even higher. Water is a reflective surface, so spending time in your backyard swimming pool raises the risk of getting sunburned. You can get burned faster, and the burns can be more severe if you stay in the pool for a long time without keeping your skin protected.

UV Rays Cause Skin Cancer

According to the CDC: “Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.” UV rays are a form of radiation, which is why they are problematic in excess amounts. Getting outside and absorbing some vitamin D from the sun is a healthy way to spend the day, but going outside without protection from the UV rays can lead to serious problems later on.

It Hurts!

Not only do UV rays cause skin cancer—sunburn hurts! It will be painful for days, or possibly even weeks, depending on the severity of the burn. Every time you touch it or bump it, it will be painful. It will also cause your skin to peel and make showering uncomfortable. To avoid dealing with this pain, remember to stay protected when you’re outside in the sunshine.

Remember to Protect Yourself

The most common way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays is with sunscreen. The best kind of sunscreen to use is ‘broad spectrum,’ which protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. Your sunscreen should be at least SPF 30, but you can check the UV Index on any day you intend to spend time outside to ensure that you have ample protection.

Another way to protect yourself is through clothing. Any skin that is covered by clothing is protected from the sun’s rays. Another way to use clothing to your advantage is with hats. Wide-brim hats are great for protecting your face and neck from sunburn. Baseball caps are also good for protecting at least some of the face. It’s not exactly pleasant to spray your face with sunscreen, so hats are a good backup option.

Parasols and umbrellas are also helpful for getting out of the sun. They provide shade that keeps the sun from directly harming your skin, which prevents sunburn and cell damage. Parasols are perfect for shade on the go, while large beach umbrellas are perfect for spending some time in a single spot.

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