3 Common Pool Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders Common Pool Problems

A backyard swimming pool is an amazing luxury, but there are some common pool problems to watch for, so you can stop them in their tracks.

Owning a backyard swimming pool is amazing when you’re swimming around, throwing a pool party, or watching your kids have an amazing time in it. Sometimes, though, owning a pool can lead to unexpected problems that you’re not sure how to solve. Here are some of the most common pool problems people run into and a general rundown on how to fix them.


Algae growth is the most common problem that pool owners face each year. Pool water is relatively stagnant, and standing water is the perfect breeding ground for algae.

For traditional swimming pools, algae might be less of a problem if you closely manage your pool chemistry, including chlorine levels. Chlorine helps to keep your pool water clean and clear, and it repels algae growth. If your water starts turning green or murky, test it to find out what your levels are at and determine what you need to do to get things back in balance.

For owners of saltwater swimming pools, algae can be a bigger problem. Saltwater swimming pools use a different technique to create chlorine that keeps the pool clean, but ultimately the level of chlorine is lower than it is in a traditional pool. This lower level of chlorine means that saltwater pool owners will need to scrub out their pools more often to keep algae growth at bay.


Debris is a normal, everyday part of owning a swimming pool. When the pool is uncovered during the warmer months, leaves and sticks, and various debris of all kinds will end up in your water column. Most of the time, you’ll just need your handy dandy skimmer to quickly scoop out all of the stuff floating around in your pool. If debris has sunk to the bottom, you should have a pool vacuum on hand to take care of that in a flash.

If you’re noticing a significant buildup of debris, particularly more than you would consider normal, you might have a clogged filter. Remember to check and clean your filter regularly to ensure that it does not become clogged—this could potentially damage the filter, and it will quickly cause your pool to become gross and full of stuff you don’t want in it.

Cloudy Water

There are three main suspects when your pool water becomes cloudy:

  • Filter issues. A clogged filter can lead to cloudy water as bacteria and debris build up in the water column. It’s also possible that the filter is too old and is not running with peak efficiency, or your filter media needs to be replaced.
  • Chlorine deficiency. If your chlorine is low, you already know that it can cause algae buildup in your pool. Algae buildup can cause cloudy or green water, but low chlorine can also lead to a buildup of other harmful bacteria and particulates that cloud up your water column.
  • Unbalanced chemistry. Chlorine levels aren’t the only important chemical levels in your pool. There are several aspects of water chemistry that need to be monitored when you own a pool, and any of these falling out of balance could lead to cloudy water. Remember to test your water regularly to ensure that your levels are appropriate for the pool you’re running.

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