What Is The Construction Cycle of a Swimming Pool?

Are you prepping your backyard for an inground swimming pool construction? If yes, there are 10 phases you should know about the construction of a swimming pool. Read to learn about these crucial 10 phases.poolconstruction

The swimming pool construction cycle all starts with the desire to have your own pool. You will need to hire a qualified swimming pool contractor to design & engineer your swimming pool. You can start looking for a swimming pool contractor through a local phone book, web search or by word of mouth.

Once you choose a qualified swimming pool contractor you will then go through an initial interview process to gain a feel about your preference in design and the estimated cost of your swimming pool.

The contractor will provide you a design and a complete bid after this initial interview process. You should apply for a Home Owners Association (HOA) approval to make sure the pool construction will meet local community requirements so that you can obtain the building permit.

After this, you move to the layout and excavation phase. This phase consist of digging out an area for your swimming pool and forming your swimming pool.

The contractor analyzes the overall access to the pool, examines the soil conditions, and defines the overall size and the depth of your pool. This process takes about one to two days.

Next, the plumbing and electrical components are planned out. The trenches will be dug for the pipes and conduits too operate the pool. Suction and return lines will be installed. Water-feature lines, vacuum cleaner lines, fill lines; solar inlet and returns, gas lines and electrical service line will all be put in place. This will take two to three days to complete.

The end of this phase starts the steel phase, which adds a rebar formed in the ultimate shape of the pool. The rebar ties the steel and this takes less than a day to size, shape and raise the walls or bond beams.

At this point, the backyard will look like a disaster area. When this happens, you’re in the gunite or shotcrete phase. During the gunite or shotcrete phase, the concrete is applied to the pool surface to create the shell of your pool. Benches will be installed. Pool walls and floors will be completed. It will take 7 to 10 days to cure the gunite or shotcrete with a hose.

This is when the tile and rock can be installed on your pool. Tiles are an easy surface to clean at the waterline.

After this phase all that needs to be done is as followed:


-Equipment Set


– Construction Clean-Up and Start-Up

To learn about these phases click here.

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Source: 10 Phases of Swimming Pool Construction

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