How Can I Design and Install My Pool?

If you are installing and designing a swimming pool this spring, there are specific steps you should take to successfully install and design your pool. Follow the steps below to install a well-designed swimming pool in your backyard:concrete pool

Step 1: Ask Yourself What Design Do You Want

You should design your pool by function. What will be the primary purpose of your pool? For example, if you want a pool to do swimming lap, you should have a rectangular design to better meet your needs. If your pool is solely for games and enjoyment, go for a lagoon shape.

Step 2: Design The Surroundings of Your pool

What will you be around your pool area? Do you want trees and plants to add beauty to your swimming pool or do you want nothing at all to give you as much sunshine as possible after a dive in the pool? These are questions you need to ask yourself before finalizing your swimming pool project.

Step 3: Add Pool Safety Features

Yes, your swimming pool is made for enjoyment, but more importantly it needs to be made for safety, especially when children are in your neighborhood. You do not want someone to become injured or drown in your private pool.

Get a building permit so that you may install safety fences.

Step 4: Check The Pool Plumbing System

Yes, your swimming pool will be designed with a plumbing system but you need to make sure it is built with the right plumbing to prevent higher water pressures. High pressures can cause problems later. You should consider installing pumps and filter systems to make sure your swimming pool is working as effectively as possible and it’s as clean as possible.

Step 5: Interior Pool Design.

Yes, as a pool owner you will be more concerned with the appearance of your exterior design but you should also consider interior design options. Do you want an under water design? If so, you will need to plan an entire look for your shallow end and deep end.

You can also consider slopes rather than a straight layer of cement to designate specific water activities for specific areas of the pool.

Step 6: Swimming Pool Maintenance.

To keep maintenance of your pool easy, request a built in maintenance and self-cleaning tools. Some cleaning tools are jets to pumps or suction filtration systems. Look for cleaning tools that will fit your needs.

If you follow these steps, you will enjoy pool for years to come. To get started on your swimming pool installation and design today, hire Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders LLC.

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SourceSteps To Planning Swimming Pool Installation & Design


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