How Can I Prevent Drowning?

Do you know about the winter pool safety guidelines that can help prevent your loved ones and you from drowning? If you do not, we are here to inform you. Read below.

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) conducted a study on swimming pool accidents in the states of Arizona, California, Florida and other states where pools are most common. The study revealed that 65% of pool accidents occur in a pool owned by the victim’s immediate family. About 77% of victims are missing for five minutes or less when they are discovered dead in the pool. More frightening is the data on children ages one to three make up 75% of the victims in pool drowning accidents.

Best Way to Reduce Child Drowning In Residential PoolsBig Splash

The best way to prevent a child from drowning in a residential pool is to construct and maintain reliable barriers that prevent children from gaining access to pools easily. Put up pool fencing. Put away pool accessories of rafts, chairs, balls, and noodles when not in use. You should do this to improve safety in the pool and increase visibility if danger arises around the pool.

Lock up the Pool when not in Use.

Make sure you have locks on all your pool gate entrances. Make sure fencing and gates are maintenance monthly or yearly to be sure damage or deterioration is not present. Make sure locks work properly.

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