What is a Plunge Pool?

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A plunge pool can make it possible for those with limited space to have a backyard swimming pool with significant depth.

Have you been dreaming of owning a backyard swimming pool, only to constantly put it off because you have a small yard that won’t support those big, fancy pools you see online? You don’t need to put it off any longer—while having a small yard would have restricted you from owning a backyard swimming pool in the past, that is no longer the case. Dipping pools, cocktail pools, and plunge pools have all become excellent options for anyone with a small property, or even those who simply want a pool with a smaller footprint, so they can enjoy other outdoor living additions. Plunge pools are an excellent choice for those with limited space that still want a somewhat traditional swimming pool experience.

A Compact Solution

The main benefit of choosing a plunge pool is its compact size. While many standard backyard swimming pools tend to be massive installations that eat up an extensive amount of space, plunge pools are an option for anyone that doesn’t have a yard big enough to support such a large structure.

Plunge pools tend to be between 8-12 feet wide, 12-24 feet long, and 4-8 feet deep. These dimensions open up the possibility for nearly anyone to be able to enjoy a backyard pool. You don’t need to have a pool that eats up your entire yard and having a smaller yard no longer inhibits your ability to have a swimming pool

Good For Exercise

Some smaller pools, such as dipping pools or cocktail pools, are built without the depth of a plunge pool. These types of pools are meant for relaxing in the water while soaking up the sun. In contrast, plunge pools can reach a significant depth that allows for low-impact exercise, or you can choose to install swim jets that offer resistance so that you can swim against the current and get your reps in. This will allow you to get the same level of exercise as you would in a lap pool while taking up significantly less space on your property.

Lower Cost

Since plunge pools are small and built in a standard rectangular shape, they’re typically much less expensive than a fully custom standard pool. The size will determine the base cost, while additions can also cost extra money—jets, lighting, etc. Ultimately, you can carefully tailor your plunge pool to your needs and your budget, so you get what you want out of it without breaking the bank. This will be much easier than it is with a fully custom pool. In addition, the smaller size of the plunge pool means that maintenance and chemical costs will also be significantly lower. 

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