What Are Some Good Options For Pool Landscaping?

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Your pool landscaping sets the scene and creates a space you love spending time in, so it’s important to tailor it to your tastes.

So you’ve decided to have a custom in-ground pool installed—that’s great! However, once you have your pool designed, there’s one more thing you need to do. That’s right; you need to design appropriate pool landscaping. A custom in-ground pool is a major statement on any property, but the key to really making it shine is in the landscaping that you design around it. You can choose to add luxury pool additions that greatly increase the design aspect and usability of your pool, or choose something more simple and understated that brings your attention to the pool area while creating a pleasant space to hang out in.

Pool Deck

Nothing pulls together a pool area quite like a pool deck. For above-ground pools, these are usually large wooden decks that either go around the full length of the pool or are situated at one end. For in-ground pools, you can get a lot more creative with your pool deck. Concrete, bricks, and pavers are just some of the many material options available. You can get wild with patterns and designs that really make the area pop and create an inviting and interesting space.


What’s a yard without some lush greenery? You can use hedge bushes, various shrubbery, stunning flowers, or even crawling plants around your pool area for a tailored look that suits your tastes, your climate, and your pool’s aesthetic. There are so many options available when it comes to plants, flowers, bushes, shrubs, and other greenery—it’s easy to create a unique and beautiful space that you love spending time in.

Fire Pit

Fire pits have seen an explosion in popularity, especially as additions to pool decks. These can be built right into concrete pool decks, along with seating that gives it its own space. This is a great spot for everyone to gather after a fun day in the pool. Warm up by the fire, tell stories, and roast some marshmallows for s’mores. It’s a great way to wind down the day.


One of the most important landscaping considerations for your pool area is lighting. Not only do you need proper lighting to keep things safe and visible, but it’s also the perfect way to add ambiance to your pool area and create a luxurious spot to lounge even after it starts to get dark. Choose lighting that goes with the aesthetic of your pool area so that it blends seamlessly into the overall design.

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