When is it Time to Open Your Backyard Swimming Pool?

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It’s not always easy to know when the best time to open your backyard swimming pool is, but there’s a simple method to help you decide.

It has been a strangely warm and wet winter season. When we fail to have a proper winter season, it can make it difficult to determine when the best time is to open your backyard swimming pool. After all, it’s not like there’s snow on the ground. However, it’s too cold to go swimming. So, no matter what kind of off-season you have, when is the best time to open your backyard swimming pool?


While many people might think it’s best to just choose a month to open each year, this can be a problematic way to handle opening your backyard swimming pool. Mother Nature doesn’t play a rigid set of rules. In fact, this year’s winter season here in Maryland is proof that you never know what to expect. We’ve had an unusually warm and rainy winter, so how do you know when it’s time to open your pool?

The best rule of thumb for opening your backyard swimming pool is to do it when temperatures are consistently at least 70°F, no matter what month it is. If it gets warmer earlier, you can enjoy your pool earlier!


Okay, so you should open your pool once temperatures reach a consistent 70°F, but why is this the best time to do it? There are a few reasons.


Warm weather and sunshine make the perfect recipe for algae growth. If your pool has a mesh pool cover, this will become a big problem very quickly as the weather warms up. If you open your pool as soon as the weather gets warm, you’ll have a lot less algae growth to deal with.


When there’s pollen in the air, it ends up in your pool, too. The longer you wait to open your pool up, the more pollen builds up. It dyes the water yellow and isn’t pleasant to swim in, especially for anyone with allergies. Once you fire up your filtration system, the pollen will be pulled in and filtered out of your water so you can hop in and enjoy the water before long.


A lot of people choose to wait to open their backyard swimming pool because they assume that opening it earlier will subject them to higher maintenance costs. In reality, the opposite can actually be true. If you wait too long, it will cost more time and money to clear out the algae, pollen, debris, and any other types of buildup that have accumulated over the winter season. In fact, for those with saltwater pools, the cost associated with opening your pool earlier will likely be nominal if you don’t have extensive buildup to contend with.

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