What Are the Differences Between Spa Jets?

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You may notice that every spa comes with a variety of jets that come in many sizes and shapes.  But what are the differences between these jets?

You may notice that every spa comes with a variety of jets that come in many sizes and shapes.  They’re also arranged in many different formations, often so they can align with your body and massage important areas and muscles as you relax.  But what are the differences between these jets?  Do some cost more than others?  What does it take to replace them?  Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

Two Categories


All jets fall under two categories: directional jets, and spinning jets.  They’re pretty self-explanatory; directional jets can be pointed in a specific direction, and spinning jets spin and push water out at a constant rate.  However, within these categories, there are fifteen different types of jets.  Each one has a specific purpose.  And each one functions differently.  You should be wary of this when you need to clean them, and your spa should have a manual for how to inspect each one for damages.


How to Replace Them


Replace them with cost in mind!  And make sure you’re not skimping on cost when you  buy your spa–what you pay for is what you get.  When you invest in a used or cheap spa, it’s possible that your jets may be damaged or about to break from too much use.  This means that you may have to spend up to $100 per jet attempting to get them fixed.  It’s much easier on your wallet in the long run if you invest in a good quality spa in the first place.


Where Are Jets Located?


As mentioned, jets are often placed in the areas where your muscles need the most attention, such as your back or your calves.  If you find that you need more pressure in one area than the other, it’s possible to explore different jets and find which one works for you.  Try out all the different ones available, because you may find a gem!


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