Awesome Life Hacks for Your Spa You Need to Try

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Whether you are a seasoned hot tub owner or the proud owner of a beautiful new spa, how can you maximize your enjoyment while minimizing your headaches?

Whether you are a seasoned hot tub owner or the proud owner of a beautiful new spa, how can you maximize your enjoyment while minimizing your headaches? Here are some awesome life hacks for keeping your spa maintained.

Tennis Balls Aren’t Just for Tennis

Tennis balls are great tools for cleaning your pool or spa, because they attract body oils, hair product residue, lotion residue, and any other oily substances in your spa. Put tennis balls into your skimmer and you will notice an immediate impact on your filtration system, as the oil-based substances that used to enter it are kept out.

Keep Your Cover Fresh

Spa covers can get a little less-than-nice-smelling over time, so how can you keep your spa cover from accumulating a musty odor over time? Use a solution of 9 parts water to 1 part bleach to wipe down your hot tub or spa cover. This life hack can be repeated every 90 days to keep your cover smelling clean (or at least not smelling like anything).

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold

When you can’t wait to climb into your spa at the end of a long day, few things are worse than realizing that you need to change your hot tub filter and don’t have a back up on hand. Make it a habit to always have a back up filter on hand so that you can easily swap it out when needed without having to take a trip to the store.

Don’t Assume You Can Swap in Cleaners

Many people assume that the cleaners used inside your home or for other purposes can be used without harm in their spas. That’s not the case! One of the easiest life hacks for your spa is to use only cleaners designed specifically for use on hot tub shells when cleaning up. You might save money by purchasing something designed for another surface, but all of your savings will be depleted when you need to arrange for a costly repair or entirely new spa.

Heat Intelligently

If you want to save some money on your heating and energy bills, this spa life hack is for you! Pay attention to what hours your energy provider counts as “off peak” and heat your tub during those hours. This works especially well for people with well-insulated hot tubs, as heating it up overnight when energy costs are the lowest can make a difference in the afternoon the next day.


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