How to Fix Cracks in Your Swimming Pool


It can be a frightening moment for any pool owner, but not every crack in your swimming pool means an expensive repair or replacement.

As you close down your pool for the season and prepare it for many months of not being used, you might notice cracks in your swimming pool. It can be a frightening moment for any pool owner, but not every crack in your swimming pool means an expensive repair or replacement. Many pools get minor hairline cracks in their plaster surface, especially in areas that are close to the surface of the water. Deeper cracks are often found along the corners or at seams. When it comes to fixing cracks in your swimming pool, there are three different methods depending on the severity.

A Small Crack

You can fix small cracks in your swimming pool relatively easily with a mask and a flathead screwdriver. Climb down into the pool and scrape the screwdriver down the length of the crack. This will loosen up and remove any debris or loose plaster surrounding the crack and slightly widen it. Next, mold a putty designed for use in pools and firmly push it into the crack after rolling or forming it into the appropriate shape. Smooth it over so that it molds to the pool seamlessly. You’re all done!

A Medium Crack

For a medium-sized crack in your swimming pool, it’s best to repair the pool only when it is completely drained. Once you drain the water from your pool, remove at least two or three of the hydrostatic relief plugs that should be in the floor of the pool. To fix the crack in your swimming pool, use a 4-inch grinder to widen the crack. Make sure that you are wearing the proper safety gear (eye protection, ear protection, thick gloves, boots, long pants, and a dust mask). Use the grinder to make the crack a dovetail shape, or, create a reverse “V” in the plaster.


Clean out the grinded swimming pool crack with a hose and prepare pool plaster to fill the crack. If it is over an inch deep or a big portion of wall needs to be repaired, use hydraulic cement to do most of the work and just use the pool plaster mix to finish the top ½ inch. For the best results, make sure that the swimming pool crack is damp, apply a bonding additive to the crack immediately before applying the mix, and keep the area moist as it dries.

A Big Crack

If your swimming pool has a major crack in it, you might need to use a more radical approach and use “staples” to repair it. It works similarly to the medium sized crack method, but an additional step is added. A horizontal cut should be made across the crack, holes should be drilled on either side, and a staple made of steel or carbon fiber is installed. This essentially bonds the pool on both sides of the crack.

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