What are the Benefits of an Endless Pool?

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Endless pools aren’t just for athletes—they can be great for families, too!

An endless pool is very different from standard pools—they look like a giant hot tub and they utilize a hydraulic propulsion system to create a current in the pool that allows you to swim against it. It’s a unique design that encourages movement, so what are the benefits of an endless pool?

Endless Exercise

As mentioned, the hydraulic propulsion system creates a current in the pool which allows anyone in it to swim against that current endlessly. It’s a great way to practice swimming techniques and get a lot of low-impact exercise. For swimmers that want to get serious, a mirror can be put into the bottom of the pool so that you can check your form and identify weak points.

Small Footprint

An endless pool is a great option if you want the ability to swim for long periods of time, but lack the available space for a larger pool. These pools are typically only about 15 to 20 feet long, making them one of the best options for anyone wanting a pool that will fit into a compact space. Even if you have more space, an endless pool can maximize your usage of that space, allowing you to include other forms of entertainment alongside one of these great little pools. Having space for other amenities can really elevate your entertainment space.

Low Maintenance

A smaller footprint also means that there is generally less maintenance. These pools don’t need as much cleaning, repairing, and maintaining as larger standard pools. Their compact size also ensures that they use less cleaning chemicals and need fewer chemical treatments.

Environmentally Friendly

The reduced need for chemical treatments makes an endless pool a more eco-friendly option than large, standard pools. A big, in-ground, concrete pool simply doesn’t hold a candle to a small endless pool when it comes to being environmentally friendly, purely due to the volume of chemicals needed for cleaning and treatment.

Endless Fun!

These pools may be small, but they can still fit several people in them and are a great place to play for children. The current in the pool can be adjusted, or turned off entirely, to accommodate groups or other types of pool recreation such as water games and diving. It may not be as luxurious as an in-ground pool, but it will still provide a lot of fun and entertainment for the whole family!

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