Factors to Consider When Choosing the Size of Your Inground Swimming Pool

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There are a few simple ways to help you determine how big your inground swimming pool should be.

This is it—you’ve decided you’re finally getting that inground swimming pool. Now that you’re settled on the yes or no, it’s time to iron out the details. First of all, how big will it be? There are some factors to help you decide on the size of your inground swimming pool.

What’s Going Around It?

In most cases, you don’t want your backyard swimming pool butting up to the side of your home. A swimming pool requires a perimeter—space for a deck or patio, but also room for a pool fence. Pool fencing is mandated by the county, so it’s important to check the laws and determine how you’re going to incorporate the fence around your swimming pool. If you don’t have a patio yet, you’ll have to determine how much space to leave around your pool for your patio. Any other landscaping or hardscaping additions also need to be considered—hedges, a fire pit, or even a luxurious outdoor kitchen. Make sure there’s space for everything and that your pool is appropriately sized so it doesn’t swallow your yard.

Who Is It For?

It might not seem like size should be determined by potential users, but it can help a lot more than you may think. If the pool will be reserved mainly for your immediate family and the occasional friend, it’s possible to keep it more compact. However, if you plan to host elaborate pool parties with friends, family, and neighbors who will all want to take a dip in the pool, it’s a good idea to go bigger in order to allow everyone enough space to swim and play. Think carefully about whether the pool needs to be big, or if you can get away with a more moderately-sized pool and still get everything you want out of it.

Why Do You Want It?

Again, this might seem trivial, but it can provide you with important information. For someone who wants a pool for exercise and to swim laps, the pool needs to be somewhat large to accommodate the space needed for longer runs between turns, otherwise, it will damage the efficiency of the workout. In contrast, a family just looking for a place to relax and let the kids play can get away with a smaller pool that will still manage to keep the children entertained for hours.

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