Essential Tools & Chemicals That Every Pool Owner Needs

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If you’re a pool owner or hope to be one soon, there are some tools and chemicals you need to have on hand in order to properly maintain your pool.

Being a pool owner is a lot of responsibility, but it’s worth the effort to keep your backyard swimming pool well-maintained and safe for everyone. There are a lot of different tools and chemicals available, and these are just some of the essentials that every pool owner needs.


Whether you have a traditional chlorine pool or a saltwater pool, you will occasionally need to use shock. Shock is important for clearing out any leftover bacteria in the water column, and it can also help to clean out and deter algae growth for a period of time. There are different kinds of shock, so make sure you have the right one for your pool type. If you own a saltwater pool, make sure your saltwater chlorine generator has been turned off before you add the shock because it could damage your equipment and force you to replace it.

Multi-Purpose Pole

Every pool owner needs a multi-purpose pole because it will allow you to store and use several different handled tools efficiently without requiring you to buy a full tool for every task. You simply switch out the tool at the top of the pole whenever you need something different, depending on the task you’re performing.


The skimmer is one of the most-used tools that you attach to your multi-purpose pole. This is the little mesh attachment that pool owners use to skim debris off the top of the water (and occasionally rescue small critters like frogs). When your pool is open, there’s simply nothing to be done about keeping debris out of the water. Every time you want to take a swim, you will likely need to skim the water first.

Pool Brush

This is the second most-used attachment for your multi-purpose pole. A pool brush allows you to bust out some elbow grease and scrub away anything that’s building up on the walls of your pool. This includes algae, mold, dirt, and other yucky things that you don’t want sitting around on your pool walls and releasing spores or bacteria into your water column. The brush helps you keep your pool sparkling clean.


A pool alarm is a critical piece of equipment for every pool owner, and every single person that owns a pool should have one. A pool alarm is installed at the edge of the pool, and it detects significant force at the water line, indicating that someone or something has hit the water. This is an important safety tool that can alert you to someone falling into the pool, such as a child or even an elderly person that may need help. This can also alert a pool owner to wildlife that has jumped or fallen into the pool.

Pool Cover

Everyone needs a pool cover because you’ll eventually need to close your pool up in the fall as temperatures begin to drop. Once swimming season has ended, a quality pool cover will prevent excess debris from entering your swimming, algae growth, and accidents where someone or something might fall into the freezing water.

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