Understanding Different Pool Shapes

What pool shape is best for you?

What pool shape is best for you?

Planning the size and shape of your swimming pool is arguably the most exciting part of the process, other than actually swimming in your completed pool. However, there’s a lot of questions to ask before deciding: How many people will use the pool? How many swimmers? How many loungers? However large or small that number is, there is a pool shape that is perfect for your needs! Check out this list to see which pool shape is the best for you.



A Roman-style pool shape is essentially a rectangle that has two flat edges and two bowed-out edges, one with stairs and one without. There is also an elevated pool deck along one side of the pool with a jacuzzi. This shape is perfect for both swimmers and those who just like to relax in the water. This pool shape looks great with a waterfall from the raised deck into the swimming pool.


Grecian style pool shapes marry round edges with a rectangular shape. They either have beveled or concave corners and a wide space in the middle for swimming. This design is perfect for large family get-togethers.


Lazy L

A lazy l pool shape is just like what it sounds, it looks like a capital letter “L” with a long rectangle attached to a shorter rectangle at the bottom. This pool shape lends itself to diving boards and cozy living spaces in the corner of the L, you could even put a jacuzzi with a waterfall there as well.


A rectangle is perfect if you have a limited space in your backyard, as it’s just a long strip of the pool. This pool shape is also ideal if you swim for fitness, like doing laps.

Free Form Geometric

If geometric edges match your design aesthetic but you also want a huge pool, a free-formed geometric pool style is perfect for you. It’s customizable and easily accessories with waterfalls, slides, jacuzzis, etc.


Free Form

A freeform pool shape is the most customizable shape, and it’s perfect if you have a unique backyard or a lot of natural rocks nearby. Unlike a geometric shape, a rounded free-form pool shape can fit right into your backyard, whatever your terrain.

Figure 8 & Kidney

A figure 8 or kidney-shaped pool allows for free-flowing water in a more organic shape. Figure 8 has a symmetrical design, where a kidney pool shape is flat on one side. Both are great for swimming and lounging and can easily be outfitted with accessories like waterfalls.

Circular & Oval

Circular or oval shaped pools are more examples of a classic design. These are great if you have a flat, open backyard.  A perfect circle needs more space to accommodate the shape but can be accessorized with enclosures. An oval is more suited to classic homes, and can easily be paired with a diving board and stairs.

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