3 Mistakes to Avoid When Adding a Pool

Are you ready to add a pool to your landscape?

Are you ready to add a pool to your landscape?

Are you considering adding a pool to your yard? A few common mistakes in your pool installation and maintenance can actually shave years off of your pool’s lifespan. Here are some of the major mistakes that you can’t afford to make when you are installing a pool in your yard.

Thinking You’re At a Water Park

If you are regularly hosting huge pool parties, you should probably adjust the way that you are treating your pool. The more bodies that are in a pool, the more chlorine and pool chemicals you are going to need to keep things in check. Before you have a number of people over and immediately afterward, you should use extra chemicals to reset everything. You should also take extra time to clean your pool by cleaning your filter.

Letting Fido In

Many pets love playing in the pool, but their fur and all of the mud on their paws is not very good for the state of your pool. If you are going to allow your pets in the pool, you should net the entire pool the moment that they get out. The day after you let your pets jump in, you should clean your filter and skimmer basket to keep the hair completely out of the pool.

Leaving Your Pump Off

Leaving your swimming pool pump turned off might save you a few pennies on your electric bill, but there’s a good chance you’ll be taking that money and simply spending it on chlorine and pool chemicals. Since a properly installed swimming pool is made to keep itself clean with pumps and filters, turning those things off or taking them away can throw everything out of whack. Always leave your swimming pool on for at least 7-8 hours a day, especially during the summer months and periods of heavy use.

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