6 Ways to Enjoy the Pool Safely This Summer

Discover how you can use the pool safely this summer!

Discover how you can use the pool safely this summer!

The pool is the best place to relax and enjoy time with friends and family during the summer months. Unfortunately, it’s also a very dangerous place if you don’t take proper safety precautions. Hundreds of pets and children die as a result of pool-related accidents every year, so emphasizing pool safety is a must. Here are six ways that you can enjoy the pool safely this summer.

Keep Children Close

If you are swimming with children, keep them within an arm’s reach of you at all times. Drowning only takes 10 seconds to occur, so if you are further than a few feet away from your child, they could be in serious danger. You should always closely monitor the pool when children are in it, even if they are strong swimmers.

Be Careful with Inflatables

Inflatables are a fun way to enjoy the pool even more, but they are also a pool safety hazard. Inflatable toys are known for turning over and trapping children beneath them, which can lead to drowning and other unsafe situations.If your children are playing in the pool with inflatables, keep an eye on them at all times to make sure that they are playing safely.

Add a Pool Fence

Pool fencing is a requirement in many cities and states, so there is a good chance that you are already required to have one installed. Even if you aren’t totally required to install one, it’s still a great idea to make the investment in one. Without a study pool fence, kids and pets can wander right into the pool or onto a pool cover and fall in.

Set Clear Rules

Just like with anything else around the house, it’s good to have established rules for pool safety. Let your children know what they can and cannot do in and around the pool and make sure that they fully understand the danger that is present. It’s also not a bad idea to print up a copy of your pool safety rules and have them posted directly by the pool.

Jump In Feet First

There is a strong chance that your backyard pool is not designed for diving. If your children want to enter the pool in a dramatic fashion, remind them that they can only jump in feet first. If they jump in head first, there is a large chance that they will suffer a head injury or worse.

Never Swim Alone

Our final pool safety rule applies to everyone of any age–never swim alone! Swimming alone is very dangerous, especially if you have a deep pool. Even medical events like a bad cramp could lead to a stressful situation, so it’s always best to have a buddy nearby in or out of the pool.

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