The Three C’s Of Pool Care

Testing the chemical levels is an important part of pool care. Chemical testing strips only take a few seconds to work and provide instant, color coded results!

Adding a pool to your home is a great investment, providing a place to cool off, relax, and exercise on those hot summer days. It is great to be able to take a dip in the pool whenever you want to without having to leave your home. Though pools are great to have, they do require a good amount of maintenance. Whether you are a first time pool owner or just need a refresher course before the warm weather comes, here are the three C’s of pool care.


This is the most important aspect of pool care. If your pool has good circulation, you will rarely have to worry about issues such as algae or cloudy water, which make it dangerous to swim in your pool. Circulation comes from running your pool pump and filter. If you can run your pool filter 24/7, that is the best way to ensure constant circulation. However, that can leave you with some costly energy bills, so 10-12 hours a day is a good amount to keep your pool circulating. Usually, the best time to run the filter is overnight because that’s when the least people are consuming energy, so it will save you some money.


Circulation will help to keep your pool clean, however, you have to take some extra manual steps to ensure the best pool care. Filtering your pool will reduce how often you have to manually clean, but a machine has nothing on some good old fashioned elbow grease. You should brush the sides of your pool, skim the surface, and vacuum the bottom about once a week.


This element of pool care tends to be the most confusing, but it is pretty simple once you have done it a couple of times. You want to test your pool’s water before you get into it to make sure the chemicals are balanced. The chemicals that matter are pH, alkalinity, and chlorine. If chemical levels are off, it could cause algae to grow or could even affect your skin and eyes if you swim in the water. They sell pool testing strips at most convenience stores which make it easy to check chemical levels.

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