How To Reopen Your Pool For The Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s time to reopen your pool!

As the weather warms up it’s time to act on your spring pool opening plan. Reopening a pool for the summer is more than just making sure it’s full, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean, in good condition, and safe as well. As you’re daydreaming about barbecues and pool floats, make sure to follow these steps to reopen your pool this Spring.

Before you begin, consider any changes you’d like to make. This is the perfect time to consider upgrading by adding lighting, updating equipment, or switching to a saltwater system. If you incorporate these changes into your opening plan you’ll save yourself some time and energy in the long run. 

Never Drain Your Pool!

While draining your pool for a good deep clean may seem like a great idea, in reality, it can cause a bevy of problems. If your pool is set in a high water table area, draining it can actually cause it to pop out of the ground. Without the weight of the water holding it in place a high groundwater table has enough force to push the foundation up and out, requiring a full replacement.  

Start With A Soft Opening

Before you even remove your pool cover you’ll want to put together your filtration system, cleaning filters and replacing any parts that have broken or degraded over the winter. You can also remove any plugs, clean out the baskets, and begin to top your water level off. Once you’ve ensured the filter is put together, clean, and properly assembled you can turn it on at a normal setting.

Invite A Professional For a Water Checkup

When you’re getting your chemicals balanced to reopen your pool, you’ll want to invite a professional to test your waters. This can be done by having a home visit or by simply bringing a water sample to your local pool store. We recommend a home visit, as a professional can give your pool a once over to see if it needs any renovation as well. Along with chlorine levels, your pool professional will be checking for alkalinity, mineral content, and pH. This full analysis will help you properly balance your chemicals.


Let Everything Settle

After you’ve adjusted your chemicals, and before you remove the cover you’ll need to wait for the water to clear. This process can take up to a week. While you’re waiting you’ll need to clear out your filter daily.

Begin The Physical Cleaning

With the water settled and the chemicals balanced the final step is the hardest, physically cleaning your pool. You can finally vacuum up all the leaves and debris. Make sure not to forget to give your pool walls a scrub as well.    

Contact Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders

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