What Are The Most Common Pool Designs?

Installing a pool but not sure what design you are looking for? Below, the four most common swimming pool designs are outlined.pool

Concrete Pools. These pools are constructed with poured concrete.  The concrete dries to form the walls and floor. Then, it is painted to the pool owner’s desired color. This type of pool design will eventually require a touch up paint job. Be sure to use the same type of paint, if you decide to install a concrete pool.

Shotcrete. This type of pooled is created with both concrete and gunite. The difference between concrete and shotcrete is that shotcrete is sprayed with a pressurize hose to form the pool walls and floor. If shotcrete cracks or decomposes, a pool professional must repair it.

Vinyl Liner. Its pool base is not made of concrete. There are wall panels that the manufacturer bolts together to form the base structure. Vinyl liner comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. It can last an average of 8 to 10 years. It all depends on your water chemistry and maintenance procedures. When vinyl liner is bleached, torn, or not usable, it should be repaired and replaced.

Fiberglass. This type of pool is a one-piece design of a fiberglass shell. This type of pool is typically installed faster than other pool designs. However, the downside of fiberglass is that you have fewer choices for size, shape and depth. Also, any blistering or cracking of the fiberglass must be repaired or replaced.

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