What Type of Hot Tub Filter Do I Need?

Do you have a hot tub installed in your home or want one? If yes, do you know how to avoid dirty water in your hot tub with hot tub filters? If you are not sure you know how, we are here to help! Read below to learn how hot tub filters can keep your hot tub clean and enjoyable.hottub

Hot tub filters are crucial to the proper function of the spa. The Hot tub filters are responsible for cleaning out the debris of dirt, leaves, oil, bugs, and hair discovered in your hot tub water.

There are three types of filters:


The cartridge is the most commonly used filter for spas. The design is in a pleated format. This format allows great cleaning of the water that flows through because it increases the surface area available for cleaning action.

Diatomaceous Earth

This filter is created with a fine coating over its surface. It is designed to trap the fine impurities in water. What makes them even greater is that these filters are organic and non-polluting to the natural environment.


Sand is a method used for filtering that can require a secondary chemical to bind the particles together to create larger particles that can be caught by the filter.

You should replace filters once a year and clean them once a month. The higher the pollution, the more you will need to clean it regularly.

To learn more about filters and how to perform routine cleaning, read this article from EzineArticles.com.

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