Swimming Pool Renovation Tips

If you’re looking to modernize your swimming pool, it’s time to start looking into swimming pool renovations.

A swimming pool can be used in a variety of ways – pool parties, fitness, and play. The constant activities of swimming can quickly deteriorate a pool. If your pool is outdated you may need resurfacing, new filtration or electrical systems.

To modernize your pool, it’s a good idea to add water features to enhance the look and feel of the pool.

Largest task of your renovation is most likely resurfacing the existing shell.

Usually, well maintained concrete pools need to be upgraded every 25 to 30 years.

Resurfacing saves money because its easier than ripping out the whole shell and starting over. Just build the new pool in the existing concrete shell.

Pick out the colors and tile designs of your pool. The best tile designs are the ones that complement your outdoor decor. Recessed lighting and waterfalls will also add to the wow factor of your pool during those night swims.

Once the pool is renovated,  consider adding a spa. The spa can double as a hot tub and a children’s pool. Have fully loaded water jets installed to the spa for the best physical comfort.

Don’t forget to renovate your filtration system. This system keeps your pool clean and sparkling. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders will help you pick the best upgrade from your current plumbing and filtration system.

We will even teach you about the benefits of switching to salt systems that feature automatic injection systems to maintain the pH levels balanced and the pool water crystal clear. If you prefer, you can have an automatic injection system for chlorinated pools or  use mineral sanitizers for maintaining clean and clear water.

After your filtration system is updates, you only have to decide on having a manual or remote controlled  pool system. Automatic controls will give you the ability to set the pump and maintenance features at the touch of a button, even when you’re away from your home.

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