The Benefits of Investing in a Pool Heat Pump

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Investing in a pool heat pump is a smart move if you’re someone who wants to keep your pool open longer.

Your backyard swimming pool has already been a significant investment, and you might struggle with the idea of adding another costly appliance—but hear me out. A swimming pool heat pump is an expensive but amazing addition to any backyard pool. It comes with a few critical benefits that can take your pool and its utility to the next level.

Keep Your Pool Open Longer

The main benefit of investing in a pool heat pump is that you can extend your swimming season. If you live in a climate where it gets cold, you eventually have to close up your pool for the year, sometimes before you’re ready for swim season to end. If this is happening to you more often than not, then it’s a good idea to consider a pool heat pump to make every season longer.

A heat pump can’t extend your swimming season indefinitely (in most cases). These pumps heat your pool efficiently, and they do their job well, but they’re only operable in temperatures above 50° F (10° C). Below that temperature, there isn’t enough ambient heat in the air for the heat pump to work properly. If your area regularly stays above these temperatures year-round, a heat pump will make it so that you never have to close your pool! For those who experience freezing temperatures in the winter, it won’t keep your pool open year-round, but it will greatly extend the amount of time you can stay open and continue enjoying your swimming pool. 

Use Less Energy to Heat Your Pool

A pool heat pump pulls in warm air, using this air and some freon to heat the water from your swimming pool up to 200° F (93° C). Since it uses the heat from the air, it’s actually a really efficient and low-energy system that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to run during the months you’re using it.

There are two other systems for heating your pool—solar pool heaters and gas pool heaters. Like pool heat pumps, solar pool heaters use a pre-existing energy source to heat your pool. Gas pool heaters, however, create their own heat. This is inefficient and will produce larger energy bills than either the solar pool heater or pool heat pump.

In addition to smaller bills, you’re leaving a smaller footprint on the environment and giving it an easier time. When choosing a way to heat your pool, a pool heat pump or solar pool heater will have the lowest environmental impact since they use natural methods to heat your pool water.

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