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The landscape surrounding your swimming pool is important for form as much as function—it can add vibrancy, privacy, and even help sustain wildlife.

Once your backyard swimming pool and its hardscaping is complete, there is another task to deal with—your pool landscape. A well-built pool and its hardscaping features can be elevated with great surrounding landscaping that aims to create a beautiful and relaxing area through the use of flowers, bushes, and trees that add color, privacy, and shade to your outdoor area.

Privacy Hedge

When it comes to pool safety, most counties have laws that require a proper pool fence to be installed. This is very important because it can help keep children and some wildlife out of your swimming pool, especially when there is no one around to keep an eye on it. Sometimes, unfortunately, pool fences can be less than beautiful. A great way to hide the fence or even just add some privacy to your backyard swimming pool is to install a privacy hedge around its perimeter. Boxwood shrubs, Japanese Holly, and Forsythia are all great choices for a beautiful privacy hedge.

Wildlife-Focused Plants

You should be careful about what kind of wildlife you attract near your swimming pool, but some are desirable additions that you’ll really enjoy. While it’s a great idea to have a garden for bees and other pollinators, having them buzzing around your backyard swimming pool might not be the best idea. Adding plants such as Wine & Roses® Weigela or Buddleia, however, will attract hummingbirds and butterflies, which will likely be welcome additions to your pool area. In addition, the flowers are absolutely gorgeous and will easily be a highly adored addition to your pool landscape.

Pretty Perennials

Perennial flowers are beautiful, low-maintenance that will bloom every year after going dormant during the months they are typically inactive. While most perennials bloom during the warmer seasons, such as spring and summer, there are plenty of them that will also bloom in fall and winter. Planning a garden with perennials that bloom at various times throughout the year will allow you to always have a colorful and stunning pool landscape, no matter how cold it gets. This can be especially beneficial to anyone with a spa or hot tub that they use year-round.

Stunning Trees

Adding a tree or two around your backyard swimming pool can offer a beautiful addition to your pool landscape while also providing some important shade. A Weeping Willow is a classic beauty, and there are several species of Wisteria, such as Blue Chinese Wisteria and Blue Moon Wisteria, that produce blooms which are both vibrant and fragrant, making them great additions to any landscape. You can also choose flowering trees such as Crabapple or Althea trees, but be careful not to compete too much between your flowering garden and flowering trees.

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