The Benefits of a Fall Pool Installation

fall pool installation

Contractors in all outdoor professions are contracted for less work in the fall and winter months, so they may offer discounts during those months.


It may seem a little backwards, installing a pool after the summer is over. But there are huge benefits to installing your pool in the fall months. If you’re thinking about installing a pool in your backyard, take a moment to read about the benefits of a fall pool installation!

The Lowest Price

Contractors in all outdoor professions are contracted for less work in the fall and winter months. As homeowners move inside to escape the chilly weather, they forget about their yards and the outdoor activities they are used for. So contractors often offer discounts to attract customers who might otherwise think a new pool was too big of an expense.

Landscaping Woes

Pool installations can cause some damage to your lawn and landscaping. Heavy machinery can crush growing grass, and digging the pool basin can disturb root systems. Installing your pool in September and October is a great way to give your yard the time it needs to re-grow the grass/vegetation around the pool area. Installing in the fall means that your yard will have 4-6 months for proper landscaping and vegetation growth, versus 1-2 months you would have in the spring.

Tax Benefits

Depending on what type of pool you are installing, and the choices you make regarding materials and design, you may be able to pass the money you spend on building your pool, and the interest you spend financing your swimming pool, as a tax write-off at the end of the year.

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