Pool Maintenance Habits That Every Pool Owner Should Get Into

To keep your pool looking its best, it’s important to get into the habit of performing ongoing maintenance. These tasks aren’t difficult but when neglected, they can lead to serious problems arising in your pool (including water that could make swimmers sick!). To prevent problems and keep your pool in its best shape, read on and learn the maintenance habits you should perform for your pool.


Getting into good pool maintenance habits will keep your pool in its best shape.

Pool Maintenance Habits That Every Pool Owner Should Get Into

Skim the top and scrub the sides

Most pool owners are quite familiar with pool skimmers. These long nets allow you to remove debris such as leaves that accumulates on the surface of your pool water. It is important to skim your pool regularly and it should be performed any time you notice anything in your pool. In addition, it’s important to scrub the sides of your pool to remove any accumulated algae. You should scrub your pool once or twice per month during the high season.

Keep your filter clean

Your pool filter’s job is to keep your pool clean, so when you allow the filter to get dirty, it has ramifications for your pool water. Luckily, cleaning your pool filter is easy. All you have to do is turn it off, remove the cap, take out the filter basket, and remove any debris. Then simply reassemble in the same order that you took it apart. This should be done once a week in the high season. It is also important to perform a monthly cleaning of all of your pools filtration pipes. This is known as backwashing and to do it, all you have to do is set your filter to “backwash,” remove the leaf basket and clean it thoroughly, then turn the pump on and don’t turn it off until your water runs clear.

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