The Disappearing Pool: a High-End, Expensive, Space-Saver

Poolside party and reflection in pool

Movable floor pools something of a niche market, as they are an expensive space-saver.

One moment, you’re looking at a dark granite patio. The next, the patio sinks into the ground and a swimming pool emerges to take its place. The space-saving future of swimming pools is now, and its name is the disappearing pool.

The Magic Trick of Pools

The disappearing pool is better known as the movable floor, technology that was originally developed for commercial use. Over the last year, however, high-end homes in London, Tel Aviv, Monaco and now the U.S have begun to adopt the pricey space-saving technology.

Can’t decide between a patio and a pool? Would like to have a pool, but you’re afraid of little ones or pets getting into trouble? Pools developed with a movable floor are easy to operate and provide the versatility to solve both problems.

How Does It Work?

The pool cover/floor floats on the surface of the pool water, and can support up anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds per square foot when locked into place. The strength of the floor means that you could park a car or host a party with ease.

Movable floor pools are also completely customizable. When you want to go for a swim, the hydraulic system lowers the floor to whatever depth you assign it. This means you can have a wading pool for the children or a full-depth lap pool for the adults.

An Expensive Play-toy

Movable floor pools something of a niche market – ranging from $300 to $550 a square foot, these pools are not part of anyone’s budget-friendly pool design. Additionally, while it is possible to renovate an existing pool, it can be an even more expensive proposition. The pool must be dug several feet deeper than normal to accommodate all the necessary equipment, and every floor is custom-made.

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