How To Prepare Your Pool For The Winter

It is Fall now. If you have a pool, it is time to prepare your pool for Fall. You need to hibernate your pool during the winter. We are here to help you do this preparation with a few great tips! Read below to find out what are the tips!closed swimming pool

Why should I prepare my pool for the cold season?

You need to prepare your pool for the cold season because exposing your pool to the cold elements will only render your pool water to be unusable the following year. When your pool is exposed to the elements during the cold season, it creates damage to various components of your pool as well as the overall pool structure. You should not wait until autumn is in full swing to start preparing your pool for the harsh winter season.

Clean the Pool

Tree leaves, dust and debris can cause damage to your pool. If you leave them in the pool for too long, the materials will start to decompose and form bacteria and algae in your pool. This is not only unattractive but also unhealthy.

Perform Shock treatment

You should perform a shock treatment to maintain your water in a perfect condition. Add the necessary chemicals in correct measurements to perform the shock treatment. You do this so your pool will be in perfect condition before you close your pool for winter. This will make it very easy for you to use the pool next summer.

Turn the power off your equipment

Make sure you clean out and disconnect the pump, pool filter and skimmer baskets. Make sure you turn off all your equipment. When we say all of your equipment, we mean it. Turn off the timers, heaters, and cleaning robots. Empty the pipe so you will not damage your pool structure, just in case the water freezes.

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