Spring Pool Season: Choosing the Right Automatic Pool Cleaner

Spring Pool Season: Choosing the Right Automatic Pool Cleaner

Part of that means you need to find the right automatic pool cleaner so you won’t have as much work to do!

With spring here, it’s time to make sure that your pool is as clean as possible! Even if you can’t host a pool party just yet, you can still work on reopening your pool for the season. Part of that means you need to find the right automatic pool cleaner so you won’t have as much work to do! Read on to find out more! Also, here’s another tidbit: the CDC says that Covid-19 cannot survive in pool water that has been properly treated

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Modern automatic pool cleaners work like a vacuum cleaner in your pool. They also circulate the debris so that they will eventually be removed by the drains – just make sure that your drains don’t get too clogged up! You can choose from robotic pool cleaners, pressure cleaners, or suction cleaners. Each type of device has its own benefits and drawbacks, so you will need to think long and hard, especially when it comes to the type of pool that you have in your backyard. 

Robotic Pool Cleaners 

Let’s start by looking at robotic pool cleaners. These models are extremely popular. They don’t need the pool’s built-in pump or filter system to operate. It does need some electricity, though. Even so, they don’t need to be attached, they’re energy-efficient, and they can clean all sorts of debris easily

Pressure Cleaners

Onto pressure cleaners we go! Water returns from the filter and powers these automatic pool cleaners. They don’t clog up, they can handle larger amounts of debris, and finally, they can run on an automated timer as long as you have a booster pump attached to them. 

Suction Cleaners

Finally, let’s spend some time talking about suction-based automatic pool cleaners. They can connect to the pool skimmer or a suction line dedicated to this device in particular. Once the hose is connected and the filter is running, the cleaner pushes itself around the pool. However, it does this at random. There isn’t much you can do to guide it. Since they piggyback off of your existing filtration system, they are much more cost-effective than their counterparts. Plus, they will eventually clean the entire pool by following their patterns. 

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