Should You Use Your Hot Tub During the Winter?

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Using a hot tub during the winter season can be amazing if done right—take some simple steps to make sure your hot tub is ready for the cold.

With winter weather in full swing, many hot tub owners are wondering whether or not they can or should use their hot tub during the season. Some people even believe that they will be able to save money on their utility bills by using their hot tub! 

Regardless of whether or not that’s achievable, using your hot tub during the snowy months is certainly possible provided you prepare. Check your owner’s manual and use these tips to arm yourself for winter weather hot tub enjoyment.

First Steps

Once the weather begins to get cold, make sure you set your hot tub for “no freeze” mode. The setting on your specific model might not be named that, but all hot tubs have some setting like that. This will help keep your hot tub warm enough 24/7 to prevent any parts from getting damaged. You’re also going to want to keep the cover on at all times which can help maintain the water temperature, even in the event that you lose power. 

Your hot tub getting too hot can also be a problem. Keep your hot tub around 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter and it might cause a shock to your body when you get in. Try to limit your hot tub enjoyment to 30 minutes or less, as any longer can cause dizziness, shock, or even fainting.

Inspection and Cleaning

First, check for any leaks. Walk the perimeter of your hot tub and check for any water stains, which could be a sign that your tub is leaking. If you do see any issues, take the time to remove the cabinet and do further inspection. Check the foam insulation and if it’s wet, you know you’re close to a leak, so pull the foam away and look closer to repair that leak.

You also want to check your pumps, water pack, and any other equipment you’re using. Tighten any connections or clamps until you have a secure, snug fit. You may also want to give your plumbing system a quick flush to reset its system, just consult your owner’s manual for instructions on how to do so. Cleaning your filter is also a good idea.

Use the Right Cover

Now’s a great time to invest in a new hot tub cover. If your current cover is saturated with water, which you can tell because it becomes difficult to remove the cover from the top of your hot tub, you may want to get a new, quality cover. Look for one that is right for your cover and if you get heavy snow, you’re looking at a 5 or 6 inch cover. Make sure it fits properly to keep your hot tub protected throughout the winter.

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