Seating Must-Have For A Superb Hot Tub And Spa Experience

If you are considering having your very own hot tub and spa, it is time to get familiar with your seating types and installation options. Read now to learn about calming soaks and bubbling options.

Some of the first things you need to consider prior to installing a hot tub and spa are how many seats you should have, how you will be using it (recreation, therapy or a combination of features) and where would you want to install it.

Picking the best model for your lifestyle will all depend on personal preference, space, usage and cost.

Owning a hot tub or spa comes with many benefits. You can use it to relax or entertain your family, friends and yourself. Hot tubs and spas also offer a multitude of health benefits with its hydrotherapy features of heat, buoyancy and massaging. Hydrotherapy is great for improving blood circulation, reducing stress, relieving arthritis pain and improving your sleep cycle. Read our article Hot Tubs: The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for details.

Hot Tubs and spas can be made to seat one or two people to over 10 or more people.

Bench seating is the easiest to move and offer maximum seating, for great entertainment. You can have molded seating if you want each seat to serve a specific purpose and fit the contours of your body.

The following are specific purpose seating:

The Captain’s Chair. This seating can slightly recline to support your back. It comes with armrests and a headrest.

Lounge Seats. This seating fully reclines.

Cool-Down seats. These seats are specifically made closer to the water surface to help you cool down before cooling off.

The finally price of your hot tub and spa will all depend on the size, brand and features.  Add a music system, lighting and automatic cleaning systems for extra luxury.

Install your hot tub and spa indoor, outdoor, above ground or inground. You can have whatever you like. Let Sunrise Premiere Builders LLC get the job done right.

Spas and Hot Tubs are a great way to entertain guests or to just relax after a long day. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders has a wide variety of spas and hot tubs to choose from. Some samples are here but please contact us directly so we can review all styles and models we carry. Ask us about our Spa and Hot Tub installation services. We carry your hot tub and spa supplies including chemicals for spa & hot tub maintenance.

If you have any questions about hot tub spas or need installments, contact Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders LLC. By calling 410-349-3852 or clicking here today!

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