How To Pick The Right Swimming Pool Type For Your Lifestyle

Are you ready to build your very own swimming pool at your home? If yes, Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is here to help you get started by sharing with you essential information about swimming pool types. Read now to start transforming your dream pool into reality.

When building a pool you need to decide what type of pool you want and how you will maintain the finished poolscape. You can always add custom design elements.

You have three basic options when installing inground pools: concrete, fiberglass and vinyl. The material you use for your inground pool will be based on budget, location, style, size and shape.

Here below is a list of what the three options can offer you as a homeowner:

Concrete Pools: Complete Customization

If you are a homeowner seeking a completely custom pool design, you should construct a concrete pool. The best concrete designs are often the ones that harmonize with your new pool with your property’s architecture and natural setting. For example, if you live in an urban setting, you should go for a contemporary pool. If your home has a beautiful vista view, go for an elegant infinity pool.

During the construction of a concrete pool, a hole is dug. Plumbing is installed and lines the excavated hole. Framework grids of steel reinforcing rods or rebar are in place as well. The rebar is covered with concrete to form the pool shell.

Plaster, which can be any color, is then used to waterproof the surface of your concrete.

Fiberglass Pools: Quick Installation

If you are looking for a speedy pool installation, go for a fiberglass pool. This pool type is a one-piece shell made from a mold. Fiberglass pools come in a variety of models such as infinity edges and perimeter overflows. You can enhance this type of pool with factory installed ceramic tile, custom jets, mosaics, and water features. Fiberglass pools are most popular in warmer climates. They defend against algae and other contaminants, making you save on pool maintenance because it doesn’t need a large amount of chemicals to keep clean.

Vinyl Pools: Great Patterns

If you are looking for a pool you can easily configure its shape and style, choose a vinyl pool. This type of pool usually consists of steel or polymer walls that help prevent algae growth. Vinyl pools allow you as a homeowner to explore almost endless patterns and colors. You can have subtle patterns along the floor and walls. You can have a bold style border around the waterline.

Add waterfalls. Add in-pool barstools.

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