Pool Safety: How To Keep Your Family Safe And Sound

When you have a pool, pool safety needs to be a top priority. There are ways to protect your pool and keep your family safe and sound. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is here to help. Read to learn ways you can enable multiple layers of security for your pool.

When you install numerous pool security layers, you are able to successfully protect your family, especially young children, from harms way with constant adult supervision. Some common pool security layers are as followed:

–      Safety covers.

–      A pool fence.

–      Pool alarm system.

Safety Covers

Having a safety cover for your pool is a great way to prevent a drowning hazard while keeping your pool clean and saving you money on energy costs. A standard pool cover supports the weight of 485 pounds within a three-foot diameter. That’s roughly the weight of two adults and one child.

Safety covers are often made of vinyl and they include automatic pumps to drain rainwater off. It is important that any cover for the pool be removed when swimmers occupy the pool to make sure pool occupants are not put at risk to get trapped beneath the cover.

Pool Fences

If you are considering installing a pool fence, this safety fence should be a four-sided isolation fence that has self-closing, self-latching, and child-resistant gate capabilities. It is recommended that a pool fence be at least 48 inches high and there should be no openings more than four inches wide to discourage climbing. Horizontal bars should be used for a fence of this kind. Never purchase one made of chain links, this is the easiest fence to climb. You do not want pets or children climbing the fence to get access to the pool.

You can purchase pool fences that are made of wood, metal or wrought iron. If you prefer a fence you can put up for pool season and take down for off-season, purchase a fence made of mesh or very tightly woven material poles.

Last but not least, consider installing a pool alarm system. This can include invisible fences and having alarms on the pool, gate, doors, and windows on or near the pool area.

Invisible fences work best for homes with pets or young children because laser technology can detect through body heat if children or animals are too close to an unsupervised pool area. If pets or children get too close, a beam is broken and the alarm sounds.

For pool gate alarm systems, a magnetic connection will sound an alarm if someone without a pass code tries to gain access to the pool.

Pool alarms can also be attached directly to pool walls to sound an alarm when anyone has entered the pool. This alarm can be turned off with the correct pass code.

If you prefer to only monitor specific people and animals, you can put wearable alarms on children’s wrists or on the collars of pets. The alarm will sound off if a child or pet becomes submersed in water or if the child or pet goes too far from adult supervisors.

No matter what safety layers you need for your pool, Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is here to provide you a safe, fun pool environment.

If you need safety features installed for your pool, hire Sunrise Premiere Builders LLC.

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