Salt Water vs. Chlorine Hot Tubs

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Hot Tubs

The chlorine in hot tubs is meant to help fight off e.coli and salmonella, among other strains of germs.

Spending time around a fire pit is a delightful experience. Now think about how you can take that fun up a notch. The answer is to use a hot tub. This is somewhat of a combination of a water feature and swimming pool that can add even more value to your home. Let’s find out how! 

Chlorine Tubs 

For many homeowners who have a pool, spa, or hot tub at home, they rely on chlorine. That’s because chlorine is the traditional method for cleaning and sanitizing the water that we all enjoy playing in, no matter how old we are! The chlorine in hot tubs is meant to help fight off e.coli and salmonella, among other strains of germs. If the pool or spa water isn’t treated or if it isn’t done correctly, then these bacteria can make everyone sick. 

Even though chlorine is affordable and efficient, it does have several side effects that are potentially unpleasant. It has a strong smell, which could turn away anyone who has a strong sensitivity to odors. Chlorine also has a tendency to irritate the skin and the eyes, which is part of the reason you are supposed to wear goggles while you are in the water. The reason for the skin irritation is that chlorine is an acid, just not a very powerful one. You will also have to spend time testing the chemical balance and pH levels of your pool or hot tubs when you use chlorine.  

Salt Water Tubs   

Now let’s turn our attention to hot tubs that feature saltwater instead of chlorinated water. Compared to chlorine, salt water is the more natural way to go. Also, the saltwater is better for your skin than chlorine is. Plus, it treats and sanitizes the water without the same odor that chlorine exudes. It’s easier to maintain a saltwater tub than it is to do the same for a chlorinated one. Even though the saltwater tubs aren’t totally maintenance-free, caring for your pool is much less of a hassle. On top of all that, you won’t need to keep several different types of chemicals on hand, which can get confusing and expensive. One potential downside, however, is that the upfront costs are higher. Depending on your family’s lifestyle, this extra expense might be worth the investment! 

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