4 Swimming Pool Games for the Whole Family

Boat racing is just as fun in the pool as it is on the beach! You will need at least two players for this set of pool games, or else it won’t be that enjoyable.

Spring will be along shortly. That means it’s finally time to start opening up your pool again. The question is, how will you greet the change in seasons? The summer is usually considered to be swimming pool season, but these games can be fun for the whole family even before that happy time of year comes around! 

The Atomic Whirlpool 

First up in our list of pool games is the atomic whirlpool. While this sounds scary, it’s actually a lot of fun! While you can play this game with only two people, the more people that are in the pool, the more fun it all becomes! The idea is to mess around with physics and create a whirlpool by having everyone walk in clockwise circles around the inside edges of the pool; players can also attempt to run if they wish. Use a ball to see how stirring up the water in this way can be truly mind-blowing!

Toss the Balloon 

Throwing water balloons is a time-honored part of having a playful squirt gun battle. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can adapt this activity into one of many different pool games that use this mechanic. At least eight players, split into pairs, need to participate, and a big bucket of balloons needs to be filled as well. Then four beach towels are included in the mix. Use the towels to toss the balloons back and forth without popping the balloons – but that is bound to happen, so a score limit should be imposed

Boat Racing

Boat racing is just as fun in the pool as it is on the beach! You will need at least two players for this set of pool games, or else it won’t be that enjoyable. Every player or team gets their own balloon boat. The rules are quite simple: release the balloon to launch the boat! Then judge the distance of the boats to see which one went the furthest – this is the tiebreaker just in case since it’s possible that no boats will reach the “finish line” at the other end of the pool! 

Treasure Hunt

Get everyone ready for an Easter egg hunt by hiding some sunken treasure in your swimming pool! Scavenger hunts make for great pool games, even if they might seem too simple to be fun, at least on the surface.  While you can use real coins, fake coins are just as fun too – just be aware that foil-wrapped chocolate coins might melt!

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