Do You Really Need Pool Inspection Services?

pool inspections

Just like your car, you’ll need an occasional pool inspection in order to determine that everything is running as it should.

When looking at your pool, you might see nothing wrong with it at all.  In fact, it’s possible to be entirely happy with how your pool is running while dangers and hazards are present, but invisible.  Just like your car, you’ll need an occasional pool inspection in order to determine that everything is running as it should.  There could be malfunctions that you aren’t even aware of.  If you aren’t convinced, read on to see why a pool inspection is necessary for you.

What is the Process?


A pool inspection will start with understanding the specs of the pool: size, water capacity, depth, age, and manufacturer are all important bits of information that the inspector must take into account.  You may see your inspector walking the perimeter of the pool, checking for basic malfunctions.  Cracks, poor filters, loose railings, and tears in the lining are all going to be his first objective.  Once that’s out of the way, your inspector will take a look at the plumbing system.  He’ll search for rust, leaks, and corrosion that could lead to a potential disaster.  He’ll also check the filtration system, and possibly start to run tests to see if it’s functioning properly.  Motors, pumps, drains, electrical aspects–your inspector will walk through a checklist of these items, ensuring that your pool has passed all necessary criteria.  


He Found a Problem–What Now?


Not to worry.  Even if your problem is seemingly catastrophic, there’s nothing a good pool builder or maintainer can’t fix.  It’s absolutely best to trust your inspector, rather than deciding that he’s lying to you based on your own findings.  If you aren’t a professional pool inspector, it’s likely you’ll miss a few key details.  However, if you truly want to be sure, ask your inspector to show you exactly where the problem is and how it can be solved.  If a problem needs to be fixed immediately, you should absolutely go for it.  Without an immediate repair, it’s possible you could compromise the entire foundation of your pool.  Make sure you’re getting your pool inspected at least on a yearly basis, preferably more frequently.


Sunrise Premier Pool Builders will inspect your pool to help keep it in top shape!


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