3 Great Tips For Throwing Your Own Pool Party

pool party

A pool party is a great way for people of all ages to celebrate and enjoy the hot summer weather.

A pool party is a great way for people of all ages to celebrate and enjoy the hot summer weather. Nothing feels better on a hot summer day than taking a refreshing dip in the pool after all. Especially if you are planning a party for kids, it can seem overwhelming. Below are three tips to help you keep your cool before, during, and after the big bash.

Make A Guest List

Depending on the age of your guests, it is very important to keep a manageable number that does not surpass the amount of supervision you will have. Particularly young children, many of whom cannot swim and want to try their flippers and floaties in the deep end, need to be closely watched and kept out of the deep. This can be hard to do if there is not adequate supervision. Make sure you know who is coming and whether or not they can swim.

Supervision Is Key

If you are the only one watching at your pool party, you won’t have fun. Particularly in the case of a large number of children, this is not only going to set you up for stress, but is downright dangerous. There is a reason lifeguards often work in teams of two, as it’s just not possible for one person to keep an eye on a large number of people in a large area perfectly for a long period of time. Ask other parents to help, and maybe even hire a local lifeguard with Red Cross training to help keep watch in case of an emergency.


If you are hosting the party at your own pool, you can break out whatever summer friendly pool appropriate snacks you want. These can range from popsicles, fresh watermelon, and chips, to an all out backdoor barbecue. However, if you are having your party at a public pool, there may be some rules about what you can and cannot bring, so be sure to check.


The Best Pool Party Tips from Sunrise Pool Builders

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