How Can You Protect Your Pool from Summer Storms?



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While a small amount of rain doesn’t seem like a big deal, summer storms can take a huge toll on your family’s pool.

When you spend the summer in Maryland, it means spending the summer in a humid and hot place with plenty of sudden summer storms. While a small amount of rain doesn’t seem like a big deal, summer downpours can take a huge toll on your family’s pool. How can you protect your pool from summer storms?

Why Is Rainwater in Your Pool a Bad Thing?

Many pool owners mistakenly assume that water is water, and don’t worry about protecting their pools during summer storms. However, the dilution of chemicals in your pool is not nearly as large of a concern as the algae and debris that will be deposited into your pool. Algae spores naturally occur in the air and use bodies of water, like rivers or your swimming pool, as a breeding ground. Algae growth could occur very rapidly and without warning after a summer storm.

What Can You Do When a Summer Storm is Approaching?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to protecting your pool from summer storms. When you see a storm approaching on the radar, take the time to:

  • Put a cover on your pool to block out large debris
  • Take loose objects, like pool furniture and floats, away from the pool area and put them in a storage area where they won’t be able to fly away
  • Turn off any of your electric pool equipment to not create any sort of hazard

What Should You Do After the Storm?

Once the storm ends, it’s most important to take care of the debris that you can’t see with your eyes! Your first goal should be to kill any algae and test your pool water. Sanitize your pool water and follow by testing your pool pH and chlorine levels. Pay extra attention in the days after the summer storm to make sure that no algae growth occurs.

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