How to Keep Curious Critters Out of Your Pool During Spring


pring is when most animals get curious and decide to roam beyond pool fences, only to get themselves trapped.

Now that spring is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep animals out of your pool.  Spring is when most animals get curious and decide to roam beyond pool fences, only to get themselves trapped.  This isn’t a problem for animals who can swim, of course, but you probably don’t want them in your pool to begin with.  There are a few easy fixes for this problem: let’s take a look at them!



These guys will not hesitate to jump into a welcoming body of water, so your pool is the perfect target.  You could always scoop them out with your bare hands, but not everyone wants to touch wild animals.  Not to mention, they could end laying eggs in your pool, so it’s important to prevent them from jumping in the first place.  There are all sorts of ramps and floating devices you could invest in that will help the frogs jump out of the pool, but you could also throw some fake snake toys around the deck, because frogs and snakes don’t mix.




Speaking of, snakes get into water, too.  If you live near a wooded area, you may see a water moccasin or two slithering into your pool!  There are several natural ways to avoid this.  Snakes dislike certain plants, such as garlic, mint, and lemongrass.  Planting that around your pool should keep them at bay.  Granular sulfur is also a way to keep snakes out.  They don’t like the smell, and they hate slithering over it.




Letting a dog out is obviously common practice, but so is turning away to let them do their business.  In this time, your dog could slip and fall into a pool–especially older ones.  If you’re worried, there are collars that dogs can wear which sound an alarm if they are submerged in water.  You can also have a pool alarm, that sets off an alarm when anything you don’t want gets into the pool.  This critter is one you’ll always want to keep around, so keep him safe!


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