Is a Swimming Pool Heater Worth the Cost?

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Swimming pool heaters are a great way to add value to your pool, extend pool season, and take a dip without jumping into freezing cold water.

Swimming pool heaters are a great way to add value to your pool, extend pool season, and take a dip without jumping into freezing cold water. Should you install a pool heater, and what type should you choose?

Should You Purchase a Swimming Pool Heater?

Many Maryland, DC, and Virginia homeowners love their pool heaters because they extend swim season earlier and later than usual. Instead of tiptoeing into the water in late spring when the breeze is making the water chilly, you can dive right in. If your pool is located in a shady area of your yard or it does not receive full sunlight during the day, a pool heater might be worth it to help you enjoy swimming more even in the summer. Warm summer mornings feel cool in shady parts of the yard, so your early morning swim might give you shivers. The biggest determinant in deciding whether or not to purchase a pool heater is whether or not the pool will be used without it. If you build a beautiful pool but cut corners on the heating element so the water is too cold, you might as well not have a pool at all!

What Type of Pool Heater is Right for You?

Choosing the right swimming pool heater is easy when you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to heat the pool constantly or only when you are preparing to get in? If you only use your pool sometimes or travel frequently, as gas heater is best for you.
  • How hot do you want your pool to be? Just about any swimming pool heater can add 10-20 degrees to your pool, but any raise higher than that only typically comes in a hot tub. If you need a 30-50 degree raise, a gas heater is the only choice.
  • How far is the gas meter from your pool? If it’s a long distance, it might be cheaper to use a heat pump or solar heater instead.
  • Do you have enough power for a heat pump? Check your pool electrical sub-panel to make sure.


Swimming Pool Heaters from Sunrise Pool Builders

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