Is a Lap Pool Right for You?

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A lap pool can provide all the benefits of a standard pool in a significantly smaller package.

There are so many large and luxurious pool designs to consider and choose from that it can be overwhelming, especially if you want that luxury without the footprint. A huge backyard swimming pool can be a great conversation piece, but it’s not practical for everyone and it can make it seem as if there aren’t many options for smaller, simpler designs. This is where a lap pool comes in—these compact pools offer all the great benefits of standard pools, and more!

A Solution for Smaller Spaces

One of the biggest benefits of a lap pool is how much space it can save. These pools are long and narrow, so they can easily be tailor-fit to your available space. Simply choose a width and length that fits your space, and you’re in business! They are often built close to the house, allowing them to be accessed by a patio or deck and easily integrated into existing landscaping. If you’re working with limited space, a lap pool is a great way to make the most of it.

Low Maintenance

A lap pool will be lower maintenance than a standard pool. Lap pools don’t have a lot of curves, sport a smaller footprint, and are shallow. Since these pools are smaller than standard pools in every aspect, they are often much easier to manage and maintain. Their basic form also makes it easy to ensure that a thorough cleaning can be done without much trouble when the time comes.


The idea of a lap pool might sound boring, but they are anything but. Lap pools can have an integrated spa on one end, offering an extra place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. They can also have many features found on standard pools, such as spouts and jets. Designing a beautiful landscape around your lap pool can greatly increase its visual interest and make it a relaxing spot to hang out. The base design may be simple, but it doesn’t mean it has to be basic or boring if you want a pool with a little something extra.

While lap pools were designed for exercise, they can be used in the same way standard pools are used and their shallow design makes them safer for smaller children. Play pool games, throw a pool party, or relax in a floatie to make the most of your lap pool.

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