Common Misconceptions About Pool Ownership

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Don’t fall for common misconceptions about pool ownership.

If you’re thinking about having a pool installed, you might be hung up on some common misconceptions about pool ownership. These can be holding you back from consulting a pool-building professional and considering making the investment. As it so happens, many of the common sayings about what makes pools more trouble than they’re worth are based on issues that were true for pools that were built a long time ago. The struggles of pool owners in decades past have been resolved in many ways thanks to great strides in technology and pool maintenance automation, making it easier than ever to become a satisfied pool owner.

“I can’t afford it.”

The belief that only the wealthy can afford an in-ground pool is one of the most prominent misconceptions about pool ownership. A pool is an investment, and there is no arguing that fact. However, pool builders and financing options have grown in leaps and bounds over the years to make it easier than ever to find a way to make a pool an affordable option for almost any budget. Careful and considerate planning, as well as managing add-ons and flourishes, will help to keep the cost down and bring the reality of a pool into focus.

“Maintenance is too difficult.”

When pool owners neglect their swimming pools, the maintenance builds up until it’s to a point where the amount of work that needs to be done is extensive. This is not exclusive to pool care. If you let the dishes pile up, they will become a big problem. If you don’t do laundry for 3 weeks, you’ll have a lot of washing and folding to do all at once. Doing pool maintenance tasks at least once a week will keep them from becoming overwhelming. The bonus to this is that, if you’re keeping up on maintenance, you’re keeping the pool accessible for everyone who wants to use it.

“It won’t get used enough.”

Most of us have heard a horror story about an expensive in-ground pool that was enjoyed for a little while and then was left to deteriorate, requiring extensive maintenance and repairs to get it back into proper shape. The reality is that most people tend to maintain and enjoy their pools, and pools that are forgotten tend to be less common than many people think. They are a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some family time in the sunshine and fresh air. They can also be great for exercise that improves physical and mental health, so there is no shortage of reasons to head outside and jump into the water.

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