How to Install a Pool Lift

How to Install a Pool Lift

Adding a pool lift can help make your swimming pool much more accessible than it was before.

Adding a pool lift can help make your swimming pool much more accessible than it was before. Everybody deserves to be able to have fun in the water on a scorching hot day. With the current heatwave that’s hitting Maryland, spending time in your pool can be a refreshing change of pace. Here’s a guide on how to do it, but if you need it, professionals are standing by to give you as much help as you need! 

Picking a Location 

The first factor you will have to think about when adding a pool lift is where to put it. The part of the pool where the lift is attached cannot be too deep. It can be no deeper than four feet. Two exceptions exist – these come into play when the pool is deeper than four feet and if there are multiple pool lifts available. The lift also needs to be clear of any obstacles that could potentially interfere with its operation, such as skimmers, lights, and wall returns.   

Placing the Seat

The next factor you must consider is where the seat component of the lift should go. It needs to be at least sixteen inches away from the edge of the pool. Then there need to be at least thirty-six inches of clearance in front of and behind the seat. The slope of the pool deck cannot exceed 1:48, and there must be adequate traction for the wheelchair.  

Considering the Depth 

After that, the next step is to find the depth the chair will be once it is submerged. It needs to be able to go deep enough to be enjoyable without becoming risky. For instance, it needs to be able to at least eighteen inches under – otherwise, it won’t do much good. 

Necessary Retrofits

Retrofitting the pool means that some changes will be made. These changes facilitate the installation and use of the pool lift, but it is not something that homeowners should attempt to do on their own. Hole saws and epoxy are two of the elements needed to make the retrofits happen. Part of the process also involves modifying the concrete that the pool is made of. 

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