How to Prepare For Reopening Your Pool

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When it comes to reopening your pool, leave the chemicals to us for best results.

It’s almost time to open your swimming pool! Okay, so maybe you’ve got a month or so to go… but time flies, right? People typically open their pools during the month of May around Memorial Weekend or earlier if the temperatures have been consistently reaching 70 degrees. Sunrise Premiere Pool Builders is here to help you review the process for reopening your pool so you’re prepared to so do as soon as you can.

Remove Your Pool Cover

The first step to reopening your pool is to remove the cover. This task is not difficult, but you should be sure to clear any leaves or other outdoor debris from the surface of the cover before you store it for the season. For best results, hose the pool cover down after removal and let it dry before packing it up. If you pack and store it while it is still damp, it will be a haven for mold and mildew.

Restore the Water Level

Before restoring the water in your pool to an appropriate level, you should remove any winterization methods that you had implemented during the fall. You should be sure to clean your pool filters prior to refilling the pool with water. If you’re not sure how, check out our blog explaining the process. Once your filters are cleaned and you start your filtration system, you are ready to fill. You should prime your pump to ensure that all air has escaped from your pool’s plumbing system.

Add Chemicals

If you aren’t familiar with the type of chemical treatment your unique pool requires, do not attempt to treat the water yourself. Our expert staff can help you identify what kinds of chemicals you need for your pool based on the type of water and design. If you choose to add chemicals without professional help, you run the risk of creating an unhealthy water problem that could be hard to bounce back from all season long. Save time and money when you leave your pool reopening to us.

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